Our Product

An Anklet + Proprietary Data Analysis + Notifications 

How it works

BodiGuide Anklet

  • The Anklet is light and comfortable and intended to be worn continuously 

    • ​Even in the shower

  • The battery lasts more than 6 months.

    • No battery charging required

  • Swelling measurements are relayed to BodiGuide via a gateway.

  • Patient is notified when their swelling exceeds normal.

  • Caregivers can remotely monitor their loved ones.

Wear the Anklet

Our Automated Monitoring System

  • Continuously monitors ankle swelling.

  • Learns what "normal" is for you.

  • Proprietary algorithms assess ankle swelling data and identify conditions that may need attention.

Patient Notifications

  • Alerts patients and/or caregivers to deviations that may require attention such as taking an extra diurectic pill.

Receive Notification when Action is Needed

A convenient and simple way to monitor ankle swelling and get notifications when attention may be needed.

Closing the loop fundamentally changes

Health Care for Heart Failure Patients

How To Purchase

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