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Our Story

Lee Wekell

The BodiGuide Anklet was the brainchild of Founder Bill Wekell, whose mother Lee suffered from Heart Failure.  As Lee’s family caregiver, Bill observed that Lee would manage her diuretic dose by monitoring the tension on her “elastic” watch band.  While doctors direct patients to monitoring weight gain, “experienced” heart failure patients learn monitoring peripheral edema of the arms and legs is more practical way to detect fluid retention.

Our Mission

The BodiGuide team is dedicated to transforming healthcare

through the use of technology to simplify and expand patient self care.

The BodiGuide Team

Deborah Kessler


Serves as Chief Executive Officer providing strategic direction into all business functions and overseeing the clinical and marketing operations.

Bill Wekell


Serves as Product Architect, Visionary, Inventor, and leads product R&D.

James Gamache


Serves as Chief Technology Officer leading product software and hardware architecture.

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