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About BodiGuide

BodiGuide Inc., a developer of biosensors, monitoring systems and wearable measurement devices, is committed to improving the efficacy of therapies and treatments using simple, accurate and reliable technology. The company provides patient-monitoring tools and technologies to transform the effectiveness of healthcare providers by enabling access to vital physiological information.

The BodiGuide Edema Monitor was the brainchild of Founder Bill Wekell, whose mother Lee suffered from Heart Failure.  As Lee’s family caregiver, Bill observed that Lee would manage her diuretic dose by monitoring the tension on her “elastic” watch band.  While doctors direct patients to monitoring weight gain, “experienced” heart failure patients learn monitoring peripheral edema of the arms and legs is more practical way to detect fluid retention.

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The BodiGuide Team

BodiGuide’s founders have both start-up and C-suite executive experience in the medical device, real time monitoring, and pharmaceutical industries.

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