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A Simple and Easy Way to Manage Heart Failure

An Anklet that continuously 

monitors ankle swelling.

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Timely notifications when action is required.

Getting the right information to the right person at the right time.

Heart Failure is the Leading Cause of Hospitalization over the Age of 65

These hospitalizations are avoidable with improved self-care and early intervention.

What's the Problem

  • Doctors instruct their patients to track changes in daily weight. 

  • But it is not always clear what to do with this information.​

  • Patients fail to take extra diuretic pills or call their cardiologist as fluid backs up into their lungs until they can’t breathe and they are rushed to the emergency room.

Closing the Loop Changes the Outcome

The BodiGuide Anklet alerts the patient and their caregivers when fluid retention requires attention.

  • Day to  day changes such as diet, exercise, and illness result in fluid retention that is managed by taking an extra diuretic pill to keep fluid retention within a normal range.

  • More serious changes such as arrhythmias or structural changes to the heart may result in sustained fluid retention that require cardiologist intervention to rebalance medication.


"Wearing the anklet lets the doctor know what he has to do to help me."

                              Aphrodite S., Encinitas, CA 

Continuous monitoring combined with timely intervention ends the cycle of crisis hospitalizations

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